Revolutionizing the online fitting room

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Experience a new way for shoppers to buy clothes online without the hassle of dealing with returns.

Click. Fit. Try.

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CLICK the clothing item that you want.

Smart FIT your size in front of a mirror

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Fashion reformed into augmented reality

Our platform is an AI-enabled online fitting room built with state of the art augmented reality technology designed to revolutionize online shopping of clothing as we know it.

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Augmented reality for everyday use

Future of Online Shopping Powered by AI

Our approach is simple, we work with your team to give you the best experience that's customized and designed for your clients. With our one-of-a-kind platform tailored to help elevate your brand. we are confident your team and customers will enjoy the unique experience they have with us.

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We’re A Creative Startup Based in Toronto

We’re a fully immersive passionate and energetic team of technology and creative folks dedicated to the evolving field of AR and AI. From published research whitepapers to our patent-pending algorithmic proprietary AR & AI technology, our highly talented team has been working in these fields for many years and now we like to showcase our work in the first AR/AI product we have been working for in the fashion industry.

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Toronto, Ontario, M5A 3Y5